Martin Kaše

Martin Kaše Software Engineer

My Expertise

I'm a Software Engineer with developing experience since 2013. My main focus is on Front-End Web Technologies. Remote Worker. Right now I work mostly on React, in the past, I worked with AngularJS, EmberJS, ElectronJS, PhoneGap, and Ionic.


I feel comfortable working on the Front-end, going from CSS, HTML5, LESS to Sass. I worked with Ant-d, Bootstrap, Material UI and others..


My main development languages are TypeScript and JavaScript, i use React, Electron and EmberJS frameworks. Previously I wroked with Angular 1.x, PhoneGap, Ionic, jQuery and more..


Git, Yarn, Grunt, NPM, Linux (❤ main OS), Docker, I have used a almost every tool for Front-end development.