A Software Engineer with developing experience since 2013. My main focus is on Front-End Web Technologies. Remote Worker. Right now I work mostly on React, in the past, I worked with AngularJS, EmberJS, ElectronJS, PhoneGap, and Ionic.

  "Name": "Martin Kase",
  "Career start": 2013,
  "Located": "Remote Worker - everywhere",
  "Languages": [
  "Frameworks - Actual": [
  "Frameworks - Old": [
    "Angular 1.x",
  "Interests": [
    "Open Source / FOSS",
    "Open Hardware",
    "3D Print"
  "Companies": [
    "Česká spořitelna",
    "City Taxi",
    "Bubble Mania",
    "Lido Taxi"

You can reach Me here: